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On December 11th, Bayer Yakuhin held an event "Startup x Pharma Connect by Bayer in Tokyo" where drug discovery startups and five pharmaceutical companies, including Bayer Yakuhin, exchanged opinions on activating the drug discovery innovation ecosystem.

Startup x Pharma Connect in Tokyo

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Bayer Yakuhin invited CxOs from drug discovery startups and people from business development departments of pharmaceutical companies to discuss how startups and pharmaceutical companies should interact and what startups and pharmaceutical companies can do from each perspective to activate the ecosystem.

During the presentation session, pharmaceutical companies introduced their business policies, focus areas, and expectations for this event.

During the dialogue session, participants from startups shared the challenges that they are facing and exchanged opinions and ideas about the approaches that could be taken to tackle considering the circumstances of pharmaceutical companies.

At the networking session, participants from startups said, "I wanted a place like this event. I could have a frank conversation with people from pharmaceutical companies." and "I'd like to join this kind of events next time, too."

Bayer Yakuhin will contribute to innovation ecosystem for drug discovery in Japan by providing its pharmaceutical expertise and know-how, track record in supporting startups and services such as Co.Lab to provides access to a global network.